Back to the War Zone (BWZ) is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit, Tax Deductable Veteran's charitable organization dedicated to assisting veterans who've served within foreign theaters of combat operations and who still suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  BWZ is funded completely by public and private grants and donations.

While fighting as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam, BWZ Presdent Dick Jeffrey witnessed first hand the debilitating effects of combat trauma on his buddies.

Upon returning home he also witnessed the rampid neglect of proper treatment for our wounded warriors, including those suffering from the "Silent Wounds of Combat"

VIETNAM TOURS: Over the years first hand accounts from veterans that were able to travel back to their past areas of combat operations had returned home significantly better able to cope with their lives, families, jobs and society then those who did not. 

In 2010 the opportunity to take leadership of an organization that provided just such a tour program was offered to him.  He accepted and Back to the War Zone was created.  such an opportunity.

D.C. TOURS:  In addition to those wanting to travel "Back to the War Zone" we began to recieve requests from a growing number of veterans interested in visiting their Militrary War Memorials in Washington D.C.. He realized that this could be a perfect compliment and alternative for veterans unable to bring themselves to travel back to their war zones.

A remastered "Back to the War Zone" video presentation will be available here in the near future.